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Los Angeles, CA – March 30, the Los Angeles based furnishing importers EWI Collections produced a grand innovative art event called ART LIFE. The red-carpet event took place on the 11th floor of the historic LA MART and served to raise awareness of both extremely talented local artists and to show their support of the Los Angeles Arts Alliance service to youth art programs and artists.

Peter Drivas, Founder of Los Angeles Arts Alliance assisted Amy Demirchian Founder of EMI and creator of the show by introducing her to the talented Dale Youngman, freelance curator, consultant and writer for FABRIK Magazine who helped co-curate the event. He also included a sample of the talented photographers of Belmont High School a program the Alliance currently mentors. Always a part of anything in the city artwise was Artist and Board Member Andre Miripolsky who displayed some of his “Sharks” from his recent “Sharks in the City” exhibition at the KGB Gallery and recently highlighted on a billboard on the Sunset Strip.

A recent LA Arts Alliance discovery J Pasqual Bettio displayed a microcosm of Pasqual’s wonderful world which has been hidden in an underground museum known by many Hollywood Stars as the “Hollywood Louvre” which is currently looking for a new home as the building is scheduled for redevelopment. His creation of the Hollywood Heads composed of a myriad of brilliant beads, crystals, mirrored orbs, lavishly encrusted with memorabilia of the Hollywood Stars, and his Strut inducing wearable art hang from the walls, float over the doors. Hats full of feathers, leather embellished with Impressionistic and Expressionist paintings covered the red walls and bedazzled the eyes.

Hundreds of invited guests familiar with the downtown art scene flooded the area amongst them were Cantor Estherleon Schwartz, Joe Cassini, Tom Porter, Ramon del Barrio, the legendary Lady Java, Ajna Sharma-Wilson, Shawn Donaldson and more. Many people stopped Carmelita to take her photo wearing the large white feathered headpiece created by Pasqual. She took the opportunity to direct them to the red room where they could see more of Pasqual’s Art. Pasqual draped Lady Java in an exquisite $10,000 full silk Kimono of warm colors. The exhibit has been extended and will be open until April 22nd. Public access is free Monday through Friday, from 10-4.

The Los Angeles Arts Alliance (LAAA) is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization committed to elevating the lives of economically challenged youth in Los Angeles through inspirational and aspirational arts and culture programs. All donations, proceeds from purchases and resources are used either independently or in partnership with businesses, sponsors, private grants, and public funding to achieve these goals.

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