The City of Angels is the Community of the Soul

Providing for the support of art and culture in the communites in which we live, work and play.

Why Join LAAA

These are some of the reasons why to join us.



“The LAAA will bring a sense of hope. Please help out any and every way you can.” Byron Crawford
“This is a great start to put all our talents together.” Ms. Hunt mentioned that she would like those interested in the arts to “Discover who they are, confidence ability to know they can do what they want to do. Art is about what you can do. It is about inspiring others to just be themselves.” Pier Hunt
“The LAAA will bring art back to the community. Get involved with our program. Try to give back by donating or volunteering.” Jose Hernandez
“LAAA will bring attention to LA culture. It will benefit everyone from the LA community. Art is the closest you can come to culture to understand society. I highly recommend to explore The LAAA.” Joe Mendoza.
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