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Dreamers By Cindy Thornton

GP DEVA X-Power Gallery is pleased to present Cindy Thornton for her first exhibition in Beverly Hills. The artist will be attending the opening in person and sharing her inspiration for her new series Dreamers, created exclusively for this exhibition. We cordially invite you to join us for an incredible art opening and artist talk on Sunday July 31st to experience and embrace the dreamer inside each one of us.

Exclusive for this event, X-Power Gallery and Cindy Thornton will be donating 20% of artwork sold to the Los Angeles Arts Alliance, a local non-profit organization focusing on continuing art education for younger generations. All proceeds will be used to acquire artwork from the artist’s exhibition and donated to the Children Hospital of Los Angeles to hang in the hospital.


My hope is that all who view my paintings will have their imaginations sparked, their hearts warmed, and their smiles brightened. The “Dreamers” series features a cast of fanciful young ladies enveloped in colorful and whimsical worlds. Some of the girls dream of exploration and appear to be embarking on fantastic adventures. Others seem to be involved in the manufacturing or embellishing of dreams. In fact, many of the girls and their endearing companions might even hold prominent roles in our own dreams. And since we all know that our sleeping mind can conjure up all kinds of curious tales and oddities, I enjoyed sprinkling a touch of humor into many of the scenes. After all, the best dreams are the ones that not only help us to love, but also to laugh. Let us never let go of our childlike imagination, and always remain dreamers.
-Cindy Thornton


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