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On The 8th Day HE Created Soccer

This phrase was originated and trademarked by the founder of Los Angeles Arts Alliance, Peter Drivas.  Using this trademark, we are reaching out to all High Schools throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.  Schools can put their logo inside of the phrase “on the 8th day HE careated soccer” and help the Los Angeles Arts Alliance quest to raise money to promote Art & Culture for young people and artists in Los Angeles.

A big thank you from Peter Drivas to Christina Silva for connecting Lloyd Kinnean and the Los Angeles Arts Alliance.  Lloyd Kinnean is the head coach of the Malibu High School Varsity soccer team.  We are so grateful for his support of the Los Angeles Arts Alliance.

Malibu High School is the first school to embrace LAAA and the, “On the 8th Day he created soccer” program.

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